Appel à candidatures : posters pour le colloque CIHA de Nuremberg (15-20 juillet 2012)

Postgraduate Program in Conjunction with the 33rd International Art History Conference (CIHA) 2012 in Nuremberg

July 15-20, 2012

It is now possible to apply for the postgraduate program « Get in Touch
– Objects, Places, People » at the 33rd Congress of the International
Comittee of the History of Art (CIHA2012)in Nuremberg. Postgraduates
are invited to submit their researches concerning the topic « object » in
form of a poster. The best 100 entries will be exhibited during the
entire congress in the entrance hall of the Nuremberg Convention Center
The application period will run until February 15, 2012.

The postgraduate program „Get in Touch – Objects, Places, People“ has as its theme “the encounter” – encounters with the participants of the conference, with experts in Nuremberg’s museums, and with the object as the central topic of the conference.

In addition to the 21 sessions and their presentations, the CIHA conference in Nuremberg in 2012 will offer for the first time a special postgraduate program with workshops, a poster session and a lecture session, as well as a mentoring program. Doctoral candidates and young graduates in art history and cultural history are invited to apply to this program. The centrally-located poster session, publicly accessible for the entire duration of the conference, will be supplemented for the first time at a CIHA conference with short lectures by selected poster authors.

At the center of “Get in Touch – Objects, Places, People” are the workshops reserved for postgraduates (“Tours and Talks”), which are dedicated to researching objects within a museum context on site at various institutions in Nuremberg. Through direct contact with the object in its various forms, the workshops explore the primary theme of the conference in greater depth.

Workshops, poster sessions, short lectures, as well as the mentoring program guarantee an intensive exchange between postgraduates and other delegates during the entire CIHA conference.

The Poster Session

To participate, postgraduates (recipients of a master’s degree) can apply with posters about their current areas of research, in which the theme of “object” plays a central role. The poster should demonstrate thematic relevance to one of the 21 sessions of the CIHA conference.

The poster abstracts will be printed in one of the CIHA conference brochures and will also be made available on the internet.

The poster presentations, by virtue of their central location at the Nuremberg Convention Center CCN, will foster intellectual exchange regarding the concept of the object among scholars from different countries. To this end, postgraduates should plan to be available to conference participants for questions, answers, and discussions about their posters on the lecture days (July 16th/17th and 19th/20th).

Short Lectures

A lecture forum is planned over two days, during which time the authors of particularly strong poster contributions will be invited to deliver short 10-minute presentations on their work to conference participants.


The postgraduate workshops offer unique opportunities to become familiar with current research concerning the object, as well as diverse groups of objects and their presentation within a museum context. The workshops also provide opportunities for discussion with experts, as they will take place in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and in other museums within Nuremberg. The program will assemble as wide a range of object types and research methods as possible: from medieval documents to the technical consideration of the object, from architecture as monument to the perspective of curators, conservators, exhibition directors and museum educators. The workshops will take place in two time blocks on Wednesday, July 18, 2012. Each participant in the postgraduate program will have the opportunity to attend two workshops.

The Mentoring Program
In order to foster exchange among scholars of all generations, researchers in charge of the postgraduate program, together with the section leaders, shall assist the postgraduate researchers.
The application period will run until February 15, 2012.

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