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Art Writers in Britain

Deadline: Dec 31, 2012

Art Writers in Britain
Workshop Series: Call for Papers

Tate plans to hold a series of workshops in 2013 about art writers
based in Britain from 1900 to the present day.

The series aims to stimulate new research – particularly archive-based
research – about the work and influence of individual art writers.
Each workshop will focus on individual writers, though the series as a
whole will provide a forum for investigating the history, reception
and impact of art writing in Britain and elsewhere. The workshops will
ask, for example, how have different authors approached the task of
responding in writing to art? What impact or influence did they have?
How can the relationships between different forms of art writing be
characterised, and how can a history of art writing be conceptualised?
How has the emergence of different forms of dissemination over the
twentieth century – from illustrated art magazines to websites and
blogs – affected the nature of art writing and the social function of
the art writer? These are broad questions that can be addressed in
numerous ways, and we welcome the participation of specialists and
postgraduate students from a range of disciplines and subject areas.

Tate’s Archive holds the papers of a number of important art critics,
historians, theorists and commentators, including Roger Fry, Robert
Melville, Adrian Stokes, J.P. Hodin, Kenneth Clark, John Rothenstein,
David Sylvester, Barbara Reise, John Russell and Charles Harrison.
Presentations on these figures are particularly welcome, although the
series is by no means limited to writers represented in Tate’s

If you would like to lead a workshop or make a short presentation on a
particular art writer or related theme, please send an email with
details of your proposal (approximately 250 words) and a short CV to as soon as possible and no later than 31
December 2012.

Jennifer Mundy
Head of Collection Research

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