Appel à communication : « Boundary, interaction and transition » (AAH, 10-12 avril 2014, Londres)

AAH 2014 – Royal College of Art, London, April 10 – 12, 2014
Deadline-CFP: 11 nov. 2013

40th Association of Art Historians Annual Conference, Royal College of Art, London

Session: Within a frame. Boundary, interaction and transition between art and its surroundings

Session Convenors: Daniela Roberts, Stuart Ager

The relationship between an artwork and its frame continues to be a matter for on-going academic discussion. With the introduction of detachable frames, which opened up the possibility of replacing original frames, often for the reason of taste or to suit a collection display, the continuity between painting and frames has been increasingly overlooked. Seeing art and its surroundings together, an original frame as well as a replacement frame, provides references about purpose, context, significance, mise-en-scène or the viewing angle of the painting both originally intended or later applied.

Whilst the frame sometimes complements the original artwork occasionally in the form of an extended image support, the artwork was sometimes designed from the outset with the frame in mind. The way the frame defines the border of an image and integrates the artwork into a spatial context evokes questions about the integrity of art and its aesthetic interplay between its physical and artistic aspects.

The panel seeks to examine the frame as an integral and historic part of the artwork and the role of the frame in facilitating and expanding the meaning, perception and impact of the artwork. We encourage an interdisciplinary approach regarding display practice and parameters for framing, involving also the interrelationship between picture, frame and its backdrop. The panel would like to discuss these viewpoints from a diverse range of disciplines and particularly invites curators and frame conservators to take part. Any views regarding time periods and media that deal with these themes are welcomed.

This session is a part of:
Association of Art Historians 2014
Annual Conference & Bookfair Royal College of Art, London, UK,
10-12 April 2014

Please submit abstracts for consideration to
– Dr Daniela Roberts (Civic museum Brunswick): /
– and Stuart Ager (National Portrait Gallery): by November 11, 2013.

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