Appel à communication : cinq sessions au congrès de la Renaissance Society of America (Boston, mars 2016)

Palma il Giovane, Vénus et Mars, 1590, Londres, National GalleryThe Society for Early Modern Women extends sponsorship for as many as five panels of 3 papers each at the annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America. The Society promotes study and scholarly exchange in all disciplinary fields with a focus on women/female gender/women’s sexuality in the Renaissance/early modern period. Sponsorship signifies that sessions pre-approved by the SSEMW are automatically accepted for the RSA annual meeting.

Proposals due by 28 May 2015 to Sara Matthews-Grieco, SSEMW liaison with the Renaissance Society of America:

Proposals must include :

    • a 150 (max) word abstract describing the objective of the panel (for SSEMW use only)
    • names of organizer(s)/chair(speakers/respondent(s) + institutional affiliations + email addresses
    • one page CV (for organizers/speakers only, max.300 words, NOT in prose)
    • paper titles + draft abstracts (150 words max.) + max. 4 keywords each paper
    • specification of audio/visual needs
    • Keywords for entire panel (max. 8)

The language in which papers may be read are: English (preferred language), Italian, Spanish, French or German.

Response emails regarding SSEMW sponsorship will be sent out at least seven days previous to the RSA due date for the submission of panel proposals. The SSEMW requires that scholars whose panels are accepted be/become members of the Society.


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