Appel à communication : « Collecting Prints and Drawings » (13-15 juin 2014, Kloster Irsee)

Kloster Irsee, June 13 – 15, 2014
Deadline-CFP: 30 nov. 2013

Collecting Prints & Drawings

Interdisciplinary conference organised by Collecting & Display in collaboration with Schwabenakademie Kloster Irsee
Organisers: Andrea M. Gáldy – Sylvia Heudecker – Angela M. Opel

Cabinets of prints and drawings belong to the earliest art collections of Early Modern Europe. From the sixteenth century onwards some of them acquired considerable fame which necessitated an ordered and scientific display. This interdisciplinary conference brings together art historians, historians, curators and collectors and explores topics such as: when, how and why did cabinets of prints and drawings become a specialised part of princely and private collections? How important were collections of prints and drawings for the self-representation of a prince or connoisseur among specialists and social peers? Is the presentation of a picture hang in a gallery, for example by Charles Eisen for the Royal Galleries at Dresden, to be treated as documentary evidence? In how far do we find art historical approaches of systematisation or aesthetic concepts realised within the collections? Are there notable differences in the approach to collecting, presentation and preservation of prints and drawings in diverse parts of the world? What was the afterlife of such collections? What is the interest of institutions in pursuing the activities of art collecting and sponsorship today (banks, industry, foundations, universities)?

Please send your 250-word proposal on these and related themes together with a one-paragraph bio to the organisers at by 30 November 2013.


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