Appel à communication : « Cultures of the Copy » (Nottingham, 14 mai 2015)

imgres-1Cultures of the Copy (Nottingham, 14 May 15)

Nottingham Institute for Research in Visual Culture, May 14, 2015

Deadline: Mar 15, 2015

Cultures of the Copy Creative and Subversive Reinventions of Reproductive Technology 14 May 2015

Department of History of Art, University of Nottingham

Technology often goes unseen, acting as a background mechanism which facilitates modern life, yet responsible for altering our behaviour, social condition, visual environment and ways of thinking. Technology also normally carries with it a set of presuppositions, shaped by the design, function, and purpose of its machines and processes. But, as André Breton insisted, objects can be reassembled, their function and perception diverted to alternative ends. He saw the possibility for ‘a total revolution of the object’, diverting it to new ends. This workshop will explore the appropriation of technology, its machines and devices for social, creative and subversive ends. In particular we hope to highlight subcultural resistance, and the giving voice to individuals and communities through self-produced forms not constrained by the dictates of the so-called culture industries, as well as the forms by which artists have challenged and enhanced our view of the uses of technology in artistic practice.

Proposals which address or adapt these ideas are welcome from all disciplines.

Deadline for proposals is March 15th.

Papers should be 30 minutes. Workshop organisers: Evan Jones and Richard Wrigley Department of History of Art Nottingham Institute for Research in Visual Culture

Please contact Tel. 0115 9513318

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