Appel à communication : « Digital Alberti. Tradition and innovation in the architectural theory and practice » (Coimbra, 17 Avril 2013)

This conference aims to understand the impact of Alberti’s treatise on classical and modern architecture using either intelligent computational environment or cultural approaches related to theoretical or philosophical methodologies. Directly or indirectly Alberti’s ideas and attitude crossed the last five centuries transforming the architectural theory and practice. The question now is how and where. This conference pretends to follow some of this legacy throughout the most recent research, the most recent methodologies and the most unsuspected actors.

Digital Alberti International Conference will be held in Coimbra in parallel with the 2nd International Congress “The foundations of modern rationalities: around Alberti and hmanism” and the exhibition « Digital Alberti : Tradition and innovation in the architectural theory and practice in Portugal” that presents the results of the research project with the same title.

Local and date : Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, Coimbra (Portugal), April 17th, 2013


Researchers, academics, professors, students, historians and architects are invited to propose papers in two themes :

1. Rethink Alberti through innovative methodologies. To study the renaissance culture and projects developed by Alberti and his contemporary architects, supported by computational systems, are giving an important contribute to the state of the art of Architectural morphology.

2. Alberti impact in modern culture: ideas and practices. This theme pretends to identify the presence of Alberti’s humanism in the architectural debates since the 15th century.

Form online:

Abstract – 400 words
Final paper – 4000 words
Bibliographical references – APA
Online proceedings (CES publication)

Important dates
Close Call for Abstracts – 3rd February
List of selected Abstracts – 15st February
Final paper submission – 30th March

Scientific Committee

  • Hélder Carita
  • Joaquim Jorge
  • José Pinto Duarte
  • Mário Krüger
  • Terry Knight

Organization Committee

  • Mário Krüger
  • Gonçalo Canto Moniz
  • Bruno Figueiredo
  • Filipe Coutinho
  • Eduardo Costa
  • Luis Sousa

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