Appel à communication : « From theory to practice: Lomazzo’s aesthetic principles reflected in the art of his time » (Boston, RSA, 31 mars-2 avril 2016)

Lomazzo, Trattato dell'arte della pittura, Milano, 1584, Livre IGiovan Paolo Lomazzo (1538‐1592) was the leading art theorist of late Cinquecento Milan, author of the influential Trattato dell’Arte della Pittura, Scoltura et Architettura (1584) and the Idea del Tempio della Pittura (1590), among other critical texts. As the abbot of the Accademia della Val di Blenio, his aesthetic principles contributed to lively debate within this artistic circle comprised of over hundred members including Annibale Fontana, Aurelio Luini and Scipione Delfinone. Yet, the extent to which Lomazzo’s doctrines were applied by his colleagues is still to be defined. Is it possible to pinpoint correlations between his theory and their artistic output? And how, and how far, were his technical suggestions followed? This conference session proposes to investigate the influence of Lomazzo’s art theory on his contemporaries working in drawing, painting, print‐making, sculpture, architecture and the decorative arts.

By 15 May 2015, please send your paper title, abstract (150‐word maximum), keywords, and a brief Curriculum Vitae (300‐word maximum) to both organizers Rebecca Norris and Lucia Tantardini

Session du congrès de la Renaissance Society of America (RSA)
Boston,  31 mars-2 avril 2016.


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