Appel à communication : « Identity in Art and Art History » (San Jose, 16 avril 2016)

ap97.341Identity in Art and Art History (San Jose, 16 Apr 16) San Jose State, April 16, 2016

The Art History Association at San José State University invites advanced undergraduate and graduate students in art history and related disciplines to submit proposals that engage art in dialogue with identity for consideration for a 20-minute presentation at the 22nd Annual Graduate Student Symposium, “Identity in Art and Art History.” Cultural identity informs art, and art informs cultural identity at the collective and individual level. Cultural identity has a tremendous impact on the philosophies and methods engaged by artists, and it contributes greatly to works of art understood as embodiment, performance, representation or, occasionally, provocation to an operation of meaning. But what do art historians mean when we invoke “identity”? Possible subjects include, but are not limited to, the following:

– the nature of representation and construction of identity – identity in the context of globalization or global exchange

– identity as expressed in popular culture – gendered and/or racialized identity

– identity of artist as innovator, investigator, or integrator

– displaying identity in museums, galleries and exhibitions

– images of patriotism and national identity

– urban image construction and the city

– the role of images in the construction of collective identity

– fluidity and shifting identity; art works that resist fixed identifications

– performative identity

Submission Guidelines: We welcome proposals for 20-minute presentations on academic and creative inquiry into cultural identity. Submissions must include a 300-word abstract; completed 10-page paper; author’s name, institutional affiliation and biographical statement; one-page curriculum vitae with contact information, academic status, and relevant work; and brief recommendation from advising professor. All candidates will be contacted by the second week of March, 2016. Email all documents in .pdf format to: SJSU Art History Association <>


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