Appel à communication : « Jacob Jordaens : Origin – Transformation – Conservation”

A two-day conference is planned to accompany the major exhibition “Jordaens and the Antiquity” (Kassel, Museum Fridericianum, March 1st- June 16th 2013). The aim of the conference is to highlight the oeuvre of Jacob Jordaens and major contemporary painting workshops of 17th Century Flanders in collaboration with art historians and conservators. An additional exhibition will focus on the reception Jordaens receives in contemporary German art (Gruetzke, Giebe, etc.). Therefore, a part of the conference will focus on contemporary artists and their work habits. Encouraged are contributions discussing the following art historical, technological and conservation related questions:

Section I. Artistic milieu in Antwerp and the structure of the workshops :
– How were the workshops in Antwerp organized ? Which contract modalities have been passed on and how did the collaboration between artists work?
– How did the guilds and other council institutions influence artistic development?
– How did the art market develop?
– How expensive was it to purchase canvas and paint, and which sources for painting supplies existed in Jordaens’ time?

Section II: Jacob Jordaens’ oeuvre between origin and history
– The “Bohnenfest”: Variation or copy and paste?
– Can Jordaens be classified as a bourgeois painter?
– What is the relationship between “high historical painting” and “low genre painting” in Jordaens’ oeuvre?
– What is known about the patrons/collectors of Jordaens?

Section III: Technical aspects of Jordaens’ materials:
– What is known about the reuse of painting supports and the adaptation and/or change of formats by Jordaens and his contemporaries?
– The use of particular colours and pigments, their aging properties and changing effects?
– Is it possible to distinguish between artists in Jordaens’ large formats, with some sections proven to have been painted up to 20 years later?

Section IV: Questions relating to conservation:
– Is it possible to differentiate between original material and later additions?
– How were these additions treated in the past and how are they currently treated?

Section V: Questions relating to reception and value
– How has Jordaens’ oeuvre been perceived over the centuries?
– Is it possible to draw parallels to modern artist studios?
– What is the current relationship between patrons and artists?

International conference organized by the German Association of Conservators (VDR) kindly supported by Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel, May 6th and 7th 2013.

Abstracts for talks relating to the outlined themes are invited by the VDR and the Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK). The duration of the talks is limited to 20 minutes. Please use the accompanying form to forward the necessary information (author, title, keywords, content and address). The conference languages are German and English.

The deadline for abstracts is October 31th 2012.

The conference is organized by: Anne Levin, Kirsten Hinderer, Ellen Hanspach, Paintings Specialty Group, German Association for Conservators VDR, Dr. Justus Lange, Curator Gallery of Old Masters, Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK), Anne Harmssen, Head of Conservation Department, Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK)

Contact: Please use the following contacts for correspondence relating to the conference:
Anne Harmssen:
Dr. Justus Lange:

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