Appel à communication : « Landscape into History » (CAA, Washington, février 2016)

Art history and landscape studies have a common origin and shared scholarly trajectories, yet the extent of their reciprocal influence is by no means certain. This session aims to look both forward and back, exploring the fluctuating and sometimes problematic historical connections between art history and landscape studies while investigating the potential for more productive interchange between the two disciplines in the future.

In what ways could the close attention paid by landscape historians to environment, physical and social experience, spatial analysis, and mapping enhance the methods of art history? How might art historical emphases on materiality, viewing, cultural context, and artistic process contribute to landscape studies? What models does landscape studies have to offer that could address pressing ecological issues while also engaging with questions of representation and aesthetics? Papers should consider this not just as a theoretical challenge, but as one to be worked through by a discussion of specific landscapes.

Please send a preliminary abstract (1-2 double-spaced pages), letter of interest, a current CV with contact information, and a completed session participation proposal form to the session chairs: John Beardsley, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, and Jennifer Raab, Yale University,

Landscape into History
Session du congrès annuel de la College Art Association (CAA), Washington, DC, 3-6 février 2016.
Date limite de soumission des propositions : 8 mai 2015


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