Appel à communication : « Landscape of Scale » (Austin, 9-13 avril 2014)

According to Anne Whiston Spirn, « Landscapes are as small as a garden, as large as a planet. » For centuries, the preoccupation with spatial scale has been at the heart of landscape architecture. Perhaps more than other professionals of the built environment landscape architects have dealt with the context of their designs, thereby forcing them to envision and treat sites from the scale of the body to the region and beyond. As landscapes change physically over time and are subject to micro- and macroclimates, their spatial relationships and proportions may also change, requiring designers to take into account scalar development. Scaling is a common design method and the control of scale often determines gardens’ and landscapes’ maintenance. New scales of development have led to public urban parks and other designed landscapes that are larger than ever before and require new design approaches. They have induced landscape architects to develop and use concepts that have scale in mind, like the theoretical concept of nested scales, the Planetary Garden (Gilles Clement), and Bernard Lassus’s differentiation between tactile and visual scales.

How have landscape architects addressed scale in their design practice ? What types of landscapes have been designed for their experience and perception at multiple scales ? What role does scale play in design representation, and in realized designs ? How do new media and technologies influence the use of scale in landscape architectural practice ? This session seeks to deal with these questions regarding designed landscapes and spatial scale throughout history.

Papers can address but are not limited to the following topics: scales of design practice, scales of representation, scale models, the maintenance of scale. The role of the human scale in landscape architecture, the perception of scale in landscapes.


Session chair : Sonja Duempelmann, Harvard University

To submit a paper proposal please go to :—austin/call-for-papers

La session Landscape of Scale s’insère dans le 67e congrès annuel de la  Society of Architectural Historians

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