Appel à communication : « Léonard et l’Antiquité » (Tivoli, 4-5 avril 2019)

To mark the five hundredth anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, the “Istituto Autonomo Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este – Villae”, by invitation of Italy’s Ministry of Culture (MiBAC), is organizing a conference with the theme of: “Leonardo and Antiquity”, at Hadrian’s Villa (the Villa Adriana archaeological site), as part of a larger project which aims to honor the memory of this illustrious genius of the arts.

At the dawn of the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci visited Villa Adriana, then known as « old Tivoli ». The conference in preparation intends to explore ways in which this journey influenced Leonardo’s genius, also in the context of the time period and work of Leonardo’s contemporaries and / or disciples. In the company of internationally recognized keynote speakers, the conference welcomes the participation of both Italian and foreign researchers and scholars who answer this call for papers, as a major focus of the conference will be to place Leonardo’s trip to Tivoli within a broader cultural context.

Contributions with a focus on Villa Adriana are especially welcomed: as are papers inspiring discussion on the main subject of the conference, especially from an interdisciplinary perspective (Archeology, Art History, Archival research, Palaeography, History of Design, Engineering, Architecture, Figurative Arts, etc). Furthermore, this invitation is extended to the presentation of specific case-studies and proposals related to other Italian regions or European countries as useful comparisons on the national or international level.

Suggested topics for the conference call for papers are listed below in various group headings:

Session 1) The rediscovery of Hadrian’s Villa * The memory of the past at the dawn of the modern age * Classical antiquities and antiquarian studies

Session 2) The journey as an educational experience * Comparing travel experiences in a quest for Antiquity * The path of the Master in researching the Classical Period

Session 3) Leonardo and Hadrian’s architecture * The ideal city * Buildings with a central plan * Statuary * Decorative elements/features

Session 4) References to Antiquity in the studies of Leonardo * Landscape data between archeology and architecture

A paper on a themes different from those specified above is also possible, if its content has relevancy to the subject of the conference; in that case, the Scientific Board will eventually evaluate its acceptance into a specific session. The SB also maintains the right to assign any proposals to a session different from that suggested by the candidate.

Submission guidelines
Deadlines for Authors Submissions to this CFP will be accepted between December 1st, 2018 and January 25th, 2019; each paper presentation must be a maximum of 20 minutes in length. Applicants will be notified by e-mail of the acceptance or non-acceptance of their contributions no later than February 7th, 2019, to be followed shortly thereafter by a provisional program. The formal conference programme will be published by March 25th, 2019.

The deadline for the paper proposals is fixed at January 25th, 2019.

In the application, candidates must provide:
the title of the paper proposal;
the author / all the authors of the paper proposal, each one with a email address, a telephone number and an address (office / home) for references;
an abstract of about 500 words stating the section for which its participation is proposed.
More than one proposal by author / authors is allowed for selection by the Scientific Board.

Applications should be sent to the attention of Dr. Sabrina Pietrobono at the following email address:

The proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Board. Conference registration Participation is free to all speakers and attendees, but please confirm attendance by emailing

In the case of multiple authors for a single paper, at least one speaker must present the paper in person, and the participation of all authors the discussion is highly recommended.

Registration deadline for attending the conference:

for speakers: March 7th, 2019;
for public audience and stakeholders: March 29th, 2019.
Please note that contributions not presented during the conference will not be accepted for the conference proceedings; delivery dates for publishing will be provided later.

For information, please contact Dr. Sabrina Pietrobono:

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