Appel à communication : « New Light on the Workshop: Display, Self-Fashioning, and Self-Promotion in the Early Modern Period »

L’Association de l’art des universités du Canada est la voix officielle des historien(ne)s d’art du Canada et recrute ses membres dans le corps professoral universitaire et collégial canadien, les chercheur(e)s indépendant(e)s et autres professionel(le)s oeuvrant dans les domaines des arts, de l’histoire de l’art et de la culture visuelle.

Congrès AAUC 2012 / UAAC Conference 2012

Session : New Light on the Workshop : Display, Self-Fashioning, and Self-Promotion in the Early Modern Period

By investigating the display and the material history of early modern artists’ workshops, this session aims to problematize models for the study of artists’ identity, self-promotion, and self-fashioning. What was on display in the workshop? How was the display of sketches, models, finished works, or artistic collections articulated within the working space ? How were these objects related to the artists’ work or taste, and how did objects on display play a role in marketing/self-fashioning strategies? Was the display dynamic in relation to particular occasions (e.g. visits to studios)? How did artists stage themselves, and to what extent was the materiality of their artistic practice displayed or concealed ? How were the architecture and urban location of workshops related to artists’ self-positioning within the art market and within society ? Papers may explore diverse geographical areas and investigate visual evidence, inventories, descriptions of workshops, guidebooks, narratives of visits to studios, and other sources.

Session Chairs:

Francesco Freddolini, Luther College, University of Regina/The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (

Cinzia M. Sicca Bursill-Hall, Università di Pisa, Italy


– Paper proposals should be of no more than 250 words in length ; please attach a brief cv (no more than 100 words).

– Please forward all submissions by email directly to the Session Chairs.

– The deadline for submissions to the Call for Papers is 4 June 2012.

– All presenters must be members of UAAC-AAUC.

– Members may present only one paper at the Conference.

– All presenters must register for the conference before 14 September 2012.


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