Appel à communication : « Picasso and identity » (Barcelone, 27-29 Avril, 2017)

PicassoThe Museu Picasso, Barcelona and the Fundació Palau. Centre d’art are pleased to welcome the III Picasso Congress 2017, an initiative of the Musée Picasso, Paris that will be held for the first time in Barcelona and Caldes d’Estrac.

The congress is scheduled for April 27 through 29 and will welcome academics, researchers and scholars from all over the world, offering them a forum in which to share their knowledge and expertise on Picasso.


The organizing committee welcomes proposals for papers addressing the topic of “Picasso and Identity.” In addition to scholars, critics, and curators, we hope to attract a wide variety of participants, including artists, writers, and students. We seek submissions from our globally diverse community.

We encourage candidates to address the topic of Identity in the most creative terms, without being constrained by conventional definitions. We offer the following suggestions of themes within the topic of Identity as a means to stimulate proposals, without seeking to limit lines of inquiry.

Approaches to Picasso and Identity:

  • The Role of Picasso’s Biographers
  • Popular Conceptions of Picasso in the Mass Media and Film
  • Picasso’s Engagement with Art History and Myth
  • Collaboration versus Independence in the Formation of Identity: writers, performers, and other artists
  • The Impact of Gender and Sexuality
  • Political Identity
  • The Importance of Place: The Cultural Geography of Identity
In addition to a series of sessions addressing Identity, we intend to offer an Open session for diverse papers devoted to topics not encompassed by this rubric.

Submission of papers:


October 15, 2016


The oficial languages of the congress are Catalan, Spanish, French and English. Proposals and presentations will be accepted in any of these 4 languages.


Maximum 500 words. The proposal should clearly indicate, in a narrative form, how the topic of the colloquium will be addressed and also any other specific points that reflect new research and thinking.Please include a brief CV (approximately 250 words), including present position, background and 2/3 relevant publications.

Selection Committee:


Michael FitzGerald, Professor of Fine Arts, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut


Pere Almeda, Director of the Fundació Palau. Centre d’Art
Emilie Bouvard, Heritage Curator and Officer for Cultural Development and Digital Technologies, Musée Picasso-Paris
William Jeffett, Curator of Special Exhibitions, The Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg FL
Malén Gual, Curator of the Collection, Museu Picasso, Barcelona
Marilyn McCully, Art historian, Picasso specialist, editor and exhibition organiser
Emilia Philippot, Graphic Arts Conservation Officer, Musée Picasso-Paris
Claustre Rafart, Curator of Graphic Arts, Museu Picasso, BarcelonaMembers of the selection committee are not eligible as speakers.

Proposals must be sent to:

Anna Guarro:
Mercè García:

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