Appel à communication : « Pictures in Motion: Portraiture around the World during the Long Eighteenth Century  » (Rotterdam, juillet 2015)

Rosalba Carriera, Portrait de jeune fille au singe, pastel, Paris, Louvre
« Pictures in Motion: Portraiture around the World during the Long Eighteenth Century »
, session du 14e congrès de l’ISECS (International Congress for Eighteenth-Century Studies) consacré à l‘ouverture des marchés et du commerce au dix-huitième siècle au XVIIIe siècle, Rotterdam, Erasmus University, 26–31 juillet 2015.
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Portraits and portraitists moved between courts, capitals, nations, and colonies in an ebb and flow that followed the tides of imperialism, markets, and diplomacy. Indeed, while portraits were understood as emphasizing the unique individual who could be regarded as a ‘defined location’ at the heart of the image, these representations frequently gesture to the world beyond the sitter to situate and elevate him or her. Portraiture was a dynamic artistic practice throughout the long eighteenth century due, in part, to the various exchanges that portraits occasioned and pictured.

This panel turns its attention to the practice of portraiture and to portraits produced during this period with an emphasis on their global circulation. What motivations, rewards, and disincentives existed for artists who traveled for their work ? What artistic and cultural exchanges were occasioned by this movement ? How were portraits used to facilitate other transactions, whether mercantile or diplomatic ? In what sense can we understand portrait production as a global phenomenon, as opposed to an international or cosmopolitan one and distinct from national schools ? How does portraiture help us understand what it meant to be global in the eighteenth century ? Topics might include the exchange between distinct traditions of portraiture in terms of approaches and conventions, the use of portraits in diplomacy (as, for example, in marriage arrangements), and artists who traveled for and in search of clients. Interdisciplinary papers are welcome with an emphasis on cultural exchange through portraits and global portrait practices. Submissions concentrating on the late seventeenth and first half of the eighteenth century are particularly encouraged.

Proposals due by 12 January 2015 (though earlier submissions encouraged)
Organiser : Jennifer Germann


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