Appel à communication : « Popularizing Architecture » (12-15 février 2014, Chicago)

Popularizing Architecture

Historians of German and Central European Art Session
CAA 2014 Annual Conference

Chair: Wallis Miller, University of Kentucky

Popularizing Architecture will focus on the dissemination and circulation of new ideas in architecture to non-professional audiences in Germany and Central Europe since the late nineteenth century, when publications that included architecture began to emerge in large numbers. While most of these publications served professional audiences, non-professionals also began to form important audiences for architecture, as they did for other cultural pursuits. Over time, architectural exhibitions, film, radio, television, and the Internet joined newspaper and magazine articles to form a complex media landscape that continues to address a wide range of audiences today. Recent research on architecture and media has been primarily concerned with professional contexts, examining case studies focusing on Western Europe and the United States. The session will shift this regional focus to Germany and Central Europe to examine more explicitly the relationship between architectural proposals—theoretical or built, traditional or
innovative—and non-professional audiences while also exploring the concept of popularization. Papers on a range of places and periods since the mid-nineteenth century might attend to the following questions: How did non-professional audiences encounter new ideas about architecture? How (if at all) did this experience diverge from that of professional architects? To what extent did the dissemination of architectural ideas exploit new media? How might a regional focus on Germany and Central Europe prompt particular questions and conclusions regarding architecture and its popularization?

Your submission should include an abstract of 250-500 words, a letter explaining your interest and expertise in the subject as well as CAA membership status, and a CV with contact information (including summer contact information, if applicable). Please also inform us if you are submitting proposals to other sessions at the conference.

CAA individual membership is required of all participants. No one may participate in more than one session in any capacity. A paper that has been published previously or presented at another scholarly conference may not be delivered at the CAA Annual conference. Acceptance in this session implies a commitment to attend that session and participate in person.
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