Appel à communication : « Portrait Miniatures : Artists, Functions and Collections » (Celle, 11-13 novembre 2016)

2500x2500_5596949893427Portrait Miniatures (The Tansey Miniatures Foundation, Celle, 11-13 Nov 2016)

Call for papers European Portrait Miniatures: Artists, Functions and Collections International symposium of the Tansey Miniatures Foundation, to be held at Celle Castle, Germany, 11-13 November 2016 In January 2013

the Tansey Miniatures Foundation held its first conference on European portrait miniatures ( At the time a conscious decision was made to cover a broad spectrum. It is precisely the consideration of miniature painting from various viewpoints that opens up an in-depth understanding of this special form of portraiture. The 2016 conference will therefore once again cover a wide range of aspects:

– Individual miniaturists, specific workshop contexts, and places of production

– Use of both court and private types and their protagonists

– Iconographic aspects in the context of representation or intimacy

– Evolution of techniques and materials

– Less well-known collections in museums

The symposium will be held on the occasion of the planned opening of the sixth exhibit of the Tansey Miniatures Foundation and the publication of the accompanying catalogue, « Miniatures from the Baroque Period in the Tansey Collection » The conference will be in English. Lectures should not exceed 25 minutes and are to be published separately following the conference. (Publication of the 2013 lectures: The Tansey Miniatures Foundation will assume travelling expenses, accommodations, and meals. Exposés should be in English and no longer than 1500 characters. They should be submitted by March 31, 2016, including name, address, and, if applicable, institution, and be sent to: Organisation: Bernd Pappe, Berne (Art Historian and Restorer) Juliane Schmieglitz-Otten, Celle (Head of the Residence Museum at Celle Castle) Visual Conception – IT coordination: Birgitt Schmedding, Hamburg (Photo Designer)


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