Appel à communication : « Public Art and Art’s Public » (13 avril 2013, San José)

San José State University
Annual Art History Association Symposium, April 13, 2013
Deadline-CFP: 28 févr. 2013

« Public Art and Art’s Public »

In light of the increasing interest in public art and related problems of defining publicness and public space, we would like to explore the relationship, both between art and its publics and between contemporary spaces and public art. Each type of interaction, broadly considered, may serve to deepen a discussion as to how art functions and circulates in contemporary society, or how it has done so in previous periods and cultures. This topic addresses both the current and historical expectations regarding the efficacy of artworks in the public realm, as well as assumptions as to who these publics are or how they might be shaped. How do we define the ‘space’ of art and how are publics defined by their interactions with such art? Some examples of possible paper topics may include: how differing publics reacted to a certain exhibition or artwork; the interaction between diverse viewers and public art; how artworks transform landscapes and cities; how informal artistic practices and performances in public interact with officially sanctioned public art; how technology mediates space and publicness; how monuments signify in the political realm; or how art and ritual engage in constructing social identities. Papers covering a wide variety of cultures and historical periods are welcome.

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