Appel à communication : « The Artist and Society » (Tbilissi, Géorgie, 18-19 novembre 2016)

1353617526The Artist and Society (Tbilisi, 18-19 Nov 16) Tbilisi State University, Institute of Art History and Theory, Tbilisi, Georgia, November 18 – 19, 2016 Deadline: Jul 24, 2016 International

The interrelation between artists and society has been a determining feature of different civilizations, countries, cultural spaces and epochs throughout human history. Many of specific facts, literary sources or artworks sheds light on the manifold ways in which these connections evolved in time. What are the modes in which relationships between the artist and society are reflected in a specific artworks; What are the ways in which artist mirror the perceptions and beliefs of the society; How did the social status of artists change over times and what was the level of their artistic independence; To what extent does the society and its ideology determine artists’ visions; how does the subject-matter change in time; what are the modes of self-expression and which factors determine artists’ recognition by the society either the conflicts between them; What are the means of expression traditionally applied by the artist and which new perspectives and challenges are brought by the contemporary life? The conference invites papers which discuss both, the specific case studies and the overviews of the general tendencies referring to the topic of the conference.

Conference Languages: Georgian and English Timing: Presentations – 20 minutes, Discussions -15 minutes.

For the participation please send the abstracts of the presentation (max, 4.000 characters) and the short CV (with the indication of current position, academic degree and contact information) to: The deadline for the submission is 24 July, 2016. Please note that the particular papers should not be previously presented either published (submitted for publishing). The conference organizational committee will notify the selected participants not later than 20 September, 2016. Conference papers will be additionally selected by the organizational committee for publishing in the annual thematic volume.


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