Appel à communication : « The Invisible » (Princeton, novembre 2015)

“The Invisible Man,” 2011, New YorkWe invite proposals from colleagues, independent scholars, and advanced graduate students for the asiatheoryvisuality conference at Princeton University. The conferenceis conceived as a venue that brings together scholars interested in interdisciplinary approaches to East and Southeast Asian cinema and media studies.  Each iteration of the conference will be organized around keywords that foster new forms of exchange across diverse disciplines, practices, and historical moments.

This year’s two-day conference on “The Invisible” calls for a set of exploratory methodologies and critical vocabularies to articulate the limits of visibility. We invite participants to envision new ways of engaging with multiple registers of the invisible (i.e. epistemological, historical, technological, material, imaginary, sensory, psychic, bodily, and allegorical) that challenge us to think beyond that which seems given, natural, or necessary—in other words, visible. To consider the invisible also means to confront the processes that render subjects (individual and collective) invisible, embedded in the myriad forms of systematic violence and inequalities that structure historical and contemporary cultural practices.

We welcome submissions that explore “The Invisible” in cinema, photography, architecture and other media practices, as well as in critical theory and film & media theory. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Geopolitical aesthetics of global capitalism, socialism, empires and the Cold War
  • Dreams and schemas of modernity in capitalist and socialist societies
  • Urban invisibilities: negative architectures and infrastructures, plumbing, the underground, the urban as psychic space, etc.
  • Geographical visuality: mountains, sea, ocean, sand, rivers, valleys
  • Visual media archaeologies: X-rays, computer imaging systems, night vision, surveillance, micro-/macro-scope, etc.
  • Hidden or unseen ontologies of disaster: militarization, industrialization, market manipulations, etc.
  • Acoustics and acousmatics
  • Traversals of science/fiction across media technologies and media ecologies
  • Dispossession, precarity, anonymity, and exposure
  • Practices of political and aesthetic representation
  • Bodily depths and psychic surfaces
  • Philosophical and theoretical reflections on visibility/invisibility

Transportation and lodging will be covered for conference participants.

Please submit a 300-word abstract and a brief bio by July 15, 2015 to the conference organizers Steven Chung (, Erin Huang (, and Franz Prichard (

The Invisible” — asiatheoryvisuality conference
Princeton University, November 13-14, 2015

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