Appel à communication : « The Scientific and Cultural Exile » (3-5 avril 2014, Madrid)

Madrid, April 3 – 05, 2014
Deadline-CFP: 31 oct. 2013

The Scientific and Cultural Exile. Congreso Posguerras. 75º aniversario del fin de la Guerra Civil Española

Session “The scientific and cultural exile”
Coordinated by José María López Sánchez and Idoia Murga Castro
Almost the entirety of the scientific and cultural elites implicated with the political and modernised Republican project was sent into exile due to the end of the Spanish Civil War and the military collapse of the Republic. The rear-guard violence and the reprisal against certain members of scientific and cultural groups showed the risk of remaining inside Spain. In 1939 the exile started for many scientists, artists and intellectuals, becoming a migration with its own idiosyncrasy.

This session is dedicated to this scientific and cultural exile and its aim is to provide an open space for scientific discussion about the kaleidoscope of the Arts and Science that was the Second Republic in exile. The papers could focus on the analysis of individual contributions, artistic movements, journals, cultural and scientific associations and any other voice of expression in the academic field, as well as in the plastic and scenic arts, literature, cinema, music, thinking, architecture, etc. Besides, a place for interdisciplinary studies will be provided, in order to connect perspectives from different fields of research and to establish links and collaborations in the context of the cultural networks where these artists and intellectuals were integrated during their exile.

Deadline for the reception of paper proposals: 31st October 2013


Abstracts and papers are accepted in English, Spanish or French. The language of the conference will be Spanish.

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