Appel à communication : « Tintoretto 500  » (Boston, RSA, 31 mars-2 avril 2016)

Jacopo Tintoretto, Moïse recevant les tables de la loi (détail), 1560-62, Venise, Madonna dell'orto
The life, personality, career, and critical fortune of Jacopo Tintoretto, one of the preeminent painters of late-sixteenth-century Europe, continue to fascinate scholars and the public alike, as demonstrated by the steady stream of studies; major exhibitions in Madrid (2007), Boston and Paris (2009), and Rome (2012); and the release of a popular biography (2009). 2018/2019 will mark the five-hundredth anniversary of his birth; what more can be said about this (in)famously prolific and fiery painter?

In anticipation of the artist’s quincentenary celebration, we seek papers that explore new avenues in the interpretation of his work, times, and afterlife.

Papers might consider—but are certainly not limited to—the following:

– Tintoretto and materials;
– Tintoretto and other media such as sculpture, architecture, printmaking;
– Tintoretto and the “minor” arts;
– Tintoretto and the mainland;
– Tintoretto and the Baroque.

Please submit a 150-word abstract and a 1-page CV to Dr. Lorenzo Buonanno <>) and Dr. Frederick Ilchman (<>) by May 31st, 2015.

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