Appel à contribution : « Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West II »

Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West II

University of Cambridge, 10th December 2013

Following the highly successful Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West conference, held at the University of Bristol in 2011, Theodora Clarke and Cinthia Willaman are pleased to announce a follow up postgraduate symposium at the University of Cambridge.

Cultural Exchange: Russia and the West II is an opportunity to re-examine the artistic links between the two regions both before and after the Revolution of 1917.  Russian history is marked by key moments of contact and exchange which have shaped and transformed its cultural heritage. The conference will challenge the notion that Russia was isolated by geography and politics by considering the development of Russian art within national and international contexts.

This conference will focus on the visual arts in Russia during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, both periods of revolutionary and ideological change.  The aim is to trace the historical web of cultural connections between Russia, Europe and the United States through factors such as emigration and moments of cultural interaction.

A primary focus will be to examine key moments of contact between Russian artists, architects, designers and film makers and their international counterparts. These contacts across geographic, political and cultural boundaries are essential to our understanding of the development of Russian art and culture.

Dr Rosalind P. Blakesley, co-editor of Russian Art and the West: A Century of Dialogue in Painting, Architecture, and the Decorative Artsand co-director of CCRAC (Cambridge Courtauld Russian Art
Centre),will be the keynote speaker.

Current postgraduate researchers or recent PhD recipients working on areas of Russian/Soviet art are invited to apply. Abstracts of 300 words are invited from research students. Please email including your name, institutional affiliation and the title of your proposed twenty minute paper and full contact information (address, phone number, and email).

Deadline for the submission of paper proposals is 30th August 2013.

This conference forms part of the CCRAC conference series. For more information please visit

Organised by Theodora Clarke (PhD candidate, University of Bristol) and Cinthia Willaman (PhD candidate, University of Cambridge). This conference has been kindly sponsored by Russian Art and Culture and the Department of History of Art at the University of Cambridge.

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