Appel à contribution : « Romantik – Journal for the Study of Romanticisms vol. 3 »

Caspar_David_Friedrich_032_(The_wanderer_above_the_sea_of_fog)Romantik - Journal for the Study of Romanticisms

Deadline: Jun 1, 2014

CFP Romantik. Journal for the Study of Romanticisms, vol. 3 

The forthcoming issue will be partly devoted to a theme section,
 partly open to article submissions that fit within the general
 scope of the journal (see:

The special theme of vol. 3 is ‘Renegotiations of Romanticism’ 

The theme section of this volume addresses the ways in which 
romanticism has been renegotiated in the past and continues to be 
mediated today. We are interested in all art forms literature, visual 
art, music, theater, etc.), and ask: Which works and which artists are 
directly influenced by romanticism and/or particular romanticists? 
Which works and which artists engage with romanticism in order to 
question and interfere with it? We would also like to explore how the 
idea of what we now call "Romanticism" was constructed. What was left 
out of the canon? And what were the reasons behind the cultural 
We aim to uncover how romantic notions continue to determine ideas in 
post-romantic periods. This pertains to aesthetics, cultural politics 
or ideas of nation. All aspects of romanticism are of interest: 
national romanticism, notions of spirituality and transcendence, 
notions of sex and gender, notions of identity, notions of the genius, 
notions of nature, etc. 

Approaches may be based upon – but are not limited to – comparative 
studies, intertextuality, adaptation, intellectual history, interart, 
intermediality and the history of art display and dissemination (book 
history, art history, museology, etc.). 

DEADLINE: June 1st, 2014. 

Further information: 
Questions may be directed to Robert Rix ( and Elisabeth 

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