Appel à contribution : « The Space in Contemporary Art » ( revue en ligne « Senzacornice »)

art-contempThe Space in Contemporary Art

Deadline: Sep 15, 2014

Senzacornice is a digital review of contemporary art.

The theme of the next number will be the “Space”, whose definition 
below.Anyone interested to propose an article about this topic can
send to our editors, by 1st September 2014,the working title, and,
by 15th September 2014, the final version of the article according to our guidelines and
together with a curriculum vitae. For those who would like to submit an article outside 
of the theme proposed, but in line with the disciplines of Senzacornice, they may contact
our editors for a possible publication in the “Fuoritema” ("Off topic") section of the review.

In an absolute sense the term space (from the Latin spatium) alludes to an inertial system,
indefiniteand non-measurable, containing all material bodies. These occupy a part and
therefore by extension have a position calculable thanks to relational properties and to 
the science of spatial measurements: the geometry.In modern times, the term is also 
interpreted as the result of man’s intuitive perception through the sense organs 
(mainly vision), as well as the environment of social action and behaviour of individuals.
In a more general sense, the space is an extension within which a body moves and a phenomenon
takes place.

Deadline: September 15, 2014. For submission instructions and guidelines see; for additional information contact

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