Appel à publication : « Images and Histories » (Journal of the Association of Western Art History)

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Images and Histories Journal of the Association of Western Art History announces a call for papers on “Images and Histories.”

What is history in art history? What role do art or images play in history? Both history and art history as disciplines appear to have encountered similar challenges and faced similar possibilities while attempting to develop new ways to reconsider images as well as engage in rethinking about history and art. New art history and contemporary art have expanded the definitions of art – a range of objects, media, and discourses is now included. Several postmodern thinkers have questioned conventional historical thinking and methodologies. The discipline of history, in particular, has witnessed what has been called by some as the “visual turn,” that emphasizes a new method of understanding the role of the visual and images, including art. This questions the relationship between the field of history and images. We would like to investigate the potential of a mutually illuminating relationship between history and art history in terms of images. We invite scholarly articles presenting new interpretations of the following.

– Rethinking: What is history in art history? Or what does art mean in history?

– Critique of existing art historical methodologies or assumptions regarding art (image).

– Critical examinations of “Images and Histories” in a given cultural period (e.g., the Middle Ages, the Absolute Monarchy, Napoleon III, the Modern Period, World War II, the 20th Century).

Please send a completed article and a CV (including institutional affiliation, institutional/home address, and email address) to chief editor, Prof. Moojeong Chung via email at by March 31, 2015.

Articles in English language only will be considered and should be 5000-7000 words inclusive of notes and bibliography. All submissions should be accompanied by a 300-400 word abstract and 5-10 keywords. Notification will be emailed by May 31, 2015. For further information please send an email to Journal of the Association of Western Art History is a peer-reviewed publication, affiliated with a professional society called the Association of Western Art History (AWAH) in South Korea. The journal is published twice a year in print. We plan to publish a thematic issue, “Images and Histories” in August 2015 for which we seek scholarly articles. We welcome submissions from art historians, historians, critics, curators, and other art scholars and professionals.


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