Appel à publication : « Lisbonne : art et patrimoine » (Revista de História da Arte)

The next issue of the Journal of Art History is dedicated to « Lisbon: Art and Heritage. » Responding to the exponential increase in research on Lisbon over the last few decades, we felt the need to devote a special issue to this subject in order to bring together the results of the most recent work while enabling both the national and international scientific community to publish new theoretical and methodological proposals on the history of Lisbon.

This editorial initiative aims to continue a tradition of Lisbon studies begun by Júlio de Castilho, developed by Augusto Vieira da Silva, Gustavo Matos Sequeira and reinforced by Fernando Castelo Branco, Irisalva Moita, and José-Augusto França, among others. Their multiple approaches to Lisbon studies give us an idea of the vastness of the subject: from Antiquity to Contemporary times, the objects of study are at once diverse and closely interrelated. The old medieval city establishes a dialogue with Pombal’s new metropolis (after 1755), while the city of Regeneration (after 1851) welcomes the novelty of Modernism and today’s urban expansion and renovation. The city’s civil and religious architecture, forming a heritage of great historical and artistic interest, as well as the evolution of the image of Lisbon and the history it conveys, are all focal points of renewed interest.

Those interested in contributing to this issue of the Journal of Art History are invited to submit original papers. Discussion should focus on issues and problems such as:

1) New contributions to the History of the City: Architecture, Urban Planning and
2) Lisbon Art History: Artists, models and case studies.
3) The image and images of Lisbon: evolution of the city’s iconography– from illuminated manuscripts to cinema.
4) Towards a history of Lisbon – reflections on Lisbon studies.
Proposals for papers should be maximum 500 words long and include a header with the author’s details (name, affiliation and e-mail). Abstracts should be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae of the author (150 words maximum). Documents can be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Proposal should be sent by e-mail to by July 31st, 2012.

Selected proposal are to be developed into final papers (5000 words maximum) which will observe the journal’s editorial guidelines available for consultation at

Final articles must be delivered by November 30th, 2012, and will be submitted to a standard process of double blind review.

Coordinator :
Pedro Flor is an Assistant Professor of History of Modern Art at Universidade Aberta and a researcher at IHA, where he heads the “Lisbon studies” research group.

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