Appel à publication : « Louis Marin and the material condition », Art History Supplement, septembre 2014

Louis Marin


This issue of Art History Supplement  seeks to address issues regarding the work of French philosopher and art historian Louis Marin (1931 – 1992) and the material shift in art history. What do we actually mean by the study of material culture in history of art ? One may support that the artefacts that are not considered art are part of the material culture.  However, do we subsequently, if not intentionally, tend to separate the notions of art and material ? Whilst, despite art being “mirror” or representation, it is primarily of a material nature.

Papers submitted must contain a minimum of 3,000 words. Authors are responsible for securing high-quality digital images and securing rights to reproduce them digitally.

Deadline for final submission of manuscripts: August 15, 2014

Manuscripts should …

  • be in English. The abstract should also be in English.
  • be entitled
  • be submitted in a Word document, ‘title.doc’, ‘title.rtf’, or ‘title.docx’, for instance.
  • include images; emailed as separate files. If compression required, use .rar or .zip, in order to be sent as attachments in one or more emails; or you could use any file-sharing services you prefer and send as the link for us to download them.
  • be emailed to ArtHS Editor
  • Please remember to include your Full name and/ or (delivery) address, in a separate file. DO NOT write any name in the first or any other page of your manuscripts.

Ioannis Tzortzakakis

Contributing editor
Annamaria Ducci

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