Appel à publication : « The City in the Long Eighteenth Century », Eighteenth-Century Studies (2016)

Eighteenth-Century StudiesEighteenth-Century Studies, a cross-disciplinary journal committed to publishing the best of current writing on all aspects of eighteenth-century culture, is planning an upcoming special issue dedicated to the theme of the city in the long eighteenth century. Cities were outward-facing centers of connection, through networks of trade, communication, and political authority, but they were also inward-facing communities with distinctive cultures and social lives. With increased urbanization came increased theorization about the effects of city life and new methods of policing and control.

We invite submissions which reflect on topics related to these themes or on other ways in which contemporaries interpreted and understood the experiences of city life. Broadly speaking, how did societies in the long eighteenth-century physically and intellectually construct their cities and what were the consequences, real or perceived, of “the city”? What characteristics defined the eighteenth-century city, and to what extent might the eighteenth century be described as an urban one?

Submissions may originate in any of the disciplines and research methodologies encompassed by eighteenth-century studies, broadly construed (history, philosophy, literature, social sciences, and the arts); those which focus on the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, or Oceania are especially encouraged.

Submissions should be 7,000–9,000 words, including notes. The deadline for consideration for this issue is January 15, 2016.

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