Appel à publication : « Visual Culture in the Indian Subcontinent », Chitrolekha. International Magazine on Art and Design.

Ajanta Padmapani, vers 470, fresque, AjantaThe Chitrolekha Magazine ( is inviting articles, essays and photo essays on the visual culture on the Indian subcontinent right from the prehistoric to the modern times.

Submissions can be made on the following topics/areas (not exclusive but suggestive):

  • New Perspectives on the origin of Art in the Indian Subcontinent
  • Issues in the History of Art in the Indian Subcontinent
  • Religious Architecture and Philosophy
  • Aesthetics of Town-planning
  • Paintings in the Indian Subcontinent—history, forms and evolution
  • Sacred sculptures—interpretations of the iconographies.
  • Religious movements and the production of art objects
  • Theories of Art
  • Artisans—conditions and creations
  • Foreign influences and their incorporation
  • Ethnography, ethnicity and creation of art as a symbolic assertion
  • The science of art—technology, techniques, experiments and materials.

We cordially invite your opinions, suggestions for inclusion of other topics and contributions to the topics.

Word-limit: 2000-5000 words (including notes and references)
Style-sheet to follow: APA

Contact: Tarun Tapas Mukherjee & Sreecheta Mukherjee at and

Submission Deadline May 30, 2015.
Expected Schedule of Publication: July 2015.

Prof. TT Mukherjee
36/5, Baghajatin Road,
Kolkata 700036
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