Appel à publications : Color in Ancient Global History

Call for Papers: Color in Ancient Global History

palette1Recently the subject of color in antiquity has found a voice and has received considerable attention in scholarship.  The reconstruction of ancient monuments and material culture has been one aspect of this discussion. Studies of race and color in the ancient world have also been considered. The subject of color, however, may also be considered from a global viewpoint that addresses world historical approaches and the complex interconnections that exist in trade. Areas such as Mesopotamia, India, Africa, China and the New World may shed light on the subject of color and its importance in ancient times.
We are seeking papers to be published as a collected volume on the subject of Color in Ancient Global History (3000 B.C.- 600 A.D.).

Papers that address the following topics will be considered:
1.    Color as a geographical marker or trope
2.    The manufacture and manipulation of color
3.    The global effect of color production (e.g. Silk Road studies)
4.    Color-term studies in literature, particularly from religious texts
5.    Color and the senses
6.    Color and food
7.    Color and textiles

The volume will consist of 12-15 essays to be published in the next two years.
Please submit a 250 word abstract with your C.V. to Rachael Goldman via email at by July 15, 2014.


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