Bourses : Getty Residential Grants, Los Angeles

Getty Residential Grants, Los Angeles

Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, California
Application deadline: Oct 1, 2021

2022-23 Residential Grants and Fellowships at the Getty Research Institute

Applications are available now online for the 2022/2023 Residential Grants and Fellowships at the Getty Research Institute in the following competitions:
– Getty Scholar Grants
– Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships

Applicants are invited to address the following future theme:

Art and Migration

The theme of migration has remained an inherent subject of art ever since some modern humans began to move across the planet, bringing their objects and technologies with them. Whether in Mesoamerica, the ancient Mediterranean, or medieval Africa, war, invasion, colonialism, enslavement, resettlement, and trade have fundamentally altered cultural production, reception, and rituals. In light of the many recent migration crises throughout the world, artists and scholars have responded to the critical movement of people and artifacts in myriad ways.

This year’s theme encompasses questions of memory, destruction of cultural heritage, provenance and repatriation, and the complex lives of movable objects, traditions, and practices. How does art that concerns migration contribute to or detract from ideas about belonging and community; assimilation and isolation; tradition, innovation, and legal or cultural boundaries? How are patterns or processes of movement made visible or invisible through the artworks, objects, and communities that are created, adapted, abandoned, or destroyed? Furthermore, what happens when mobility is brought to a halt?

Applicants may also consider representation, identity, and hybridity, as well as recent genetic research and long-term patterns of mobility, immobility, and migration.

Residencies are contingent upon the state of the international pandemic.


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