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The Fondation Custodia, Collection Frits Lugt in Paris announces the launch of the first part of its collection database. The collection is still in its early stages and consists of object records for a part of the collection.
Currently, all the Italian drawings held by the Fondation Custodia are available to search in our online collection database. This concerns over 600 objects. In the upcoming months and years, we will be updating the database with other works of art and information on an ongoing basis. At the moment we are preparing the publication of our drawings by Rembrandt and his School, as well as our Rembrandt etchings. This will be followed by our portrait miniatures, Flemish paintings and Dutch drawings of the 16th century. We are also working on the publication of our French drawings, Dutch 17th century paintings and a part of the collection of artists’ letters and manuscripts.

We have made the collection accessible in a multi-faceted way. You can do a basic search (Search all) by typing one or more words in the ‘Search here’ box and click the icon to the right of the box. This search explores all fields in the database. You can reduce the results through the filters below. It is also possible to browse by directly using the filters, without typing a term into the main search box. This search only queries the designated fields.

The database is an inventory of the collection and aims to record what is known about the work. The lists of publications and exhibitions are selective. The texts and information in the database are free to be used, as the Fondation Custodia is releasing its collections data under a public domain waiver in accordance with the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) designation. Please note that the information does not always reflect the most up-to-date knowledge about a work of art and records may contain mistakes and omissions. We are continuing every day to review and improve the information recorded, and corrections and additions are being published on a regular basis. Users are invited to contact us to help us improve the information by sending an e-mail to:

For more information about the Fondation Custodia’s collections, please visit our website:

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