Colloque : « A Revolution in Taste : Francis Haskell’s 19th Century » (Oxford, 23-24 octobre 2015)

Created with GIMPA Revolution in Taste: Francis Haskell’s 19th Century (Oxford, 23-24 Oct 15) Oxford, October 23 – 24, 2015

Registration deadline: Oct 23, 2015

REVOLUTION IN TASTE: FRANCIS HASKELL’S NINETEENTH CENTURY A two-day conference is to be held at St Johns College, Oxford and the Ashmolean Museum to explore the work of art historian Francis Haskell (1928-2000). Writing at the intersection of cultural history, art history and the history of ideas, Haskell made a seminal contribution to the study of the formation of taste in nineteenth-century Britain and Europe. The conference will revisit terrain mapped out by Haskell in Rediscoveries in Art, namely the transformation of the art world between the 1770s and 1870s, a period when war, revolution, plunder and state-formation brought fundamental changes to the knowledge of and trade in Old Master paintings. Distinguished speakers include scholars and curators from Britain, France and Italy, include: Nicholas Penny, Charles Hope, Jeremy Warren, Charles Sebag-Montefiore, Susanna Avery-Quash, Donata Levi, Charlotte Guichard, Bénédicte Savoy, Véronique Gérard-Powell, Jon Whiteley, Pauline Prévost-Marcilhacy, Dora Thornton, Pascal Griener, Juliet Simpson, Stephen Bann, Xanthe Brooke, Camille Mathieu, Silvia Davoli, Cecilia Hurley Griener, Richard Wrigley, Tom Stammers, Stephen Lloyd, Jenny Graham The conference aims to comprehend the forces which transformed how art was acquired, displayed and interpreted in the nineteenth century. But it will also grapple with the methodological and philosophical issues raised by Haskell’s provocative approach to the history of collecting. Both days of the conference will be held in the auditorium of St Johns College, Oxford. Delegates at the conference will receive lunch, teas and coffee, and a wine reception at the Ashmolean on Friday 23rd from 18.00-19.30 (this event is free although places are limited so it is essential to register). The fee for attending both days is £80 for professionals (£35 for students); the cost of attending for just one day is £45 for professionals (£20 for students).

Registration is now closed online but there are spaces available to purchase on the door. For further information and inquiries, please contact the organizer Dr Tom Stammers (



9.30-10.00- Registration

10.00- Welcome remarks (Tom Stammers)

10.10- Keynote 1: Nicholas Penny Chair: Craig Clunas

11.-12.30- Session 1: Rediscoveries in Post-Revolutionary Europe Chair: Christina Anderson Charlotte Guichard, ‘Naming the Artist: Attribution and Artistic Expertise at the end of the Eighteenth Century’ Xanthe Brooke, ‘William Roscoe (1753-1831) and his collection of north European Renaissance art in Liverpool’ Véronique Gerard-Powell, ‘The Altamira collection and the Sale of Spanish Art in London’

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15.00- Session 2: Art and Interpretation in Nineteenth-Century France Chair: Frances Suzman Jowell Camille Mathieu, ‘Breaking Up the Musuem of Rome: Mobility and the Antique in the Napoleonic Era, 1796-1817’ Richard Wrigley, ‘Ingres’ Monsieur Bertin and the Vicissitudes of Bourgeois Taste’ Juliet Simpson, ‘Reimagining the Northern Nineteenth Century: Art and the Politics of Patrimony in the French Third Republic’

15.00-15.30 Coffee

15.30-17.00- Session 3: Private Palaces of Art Chair: Arthur Macgregor Susanna Avery-Quash, ‘Rediscovering John Julius Angerstein’s ‘other’ art collection at ‘Woodlands’, Blackheath’ Stephen Lloyd, ‘From Venice to Knowsley: the rediscovery and conservation of Borgognone’s series of paintings on silver-gilt leather, The Children of Israel’ Pauline Prévost-Marcilhacy, ‘The Pereire brothers and collecting in the Second Empire’

17.15- Keynote 2: Charles Hope Chair: Geraldine Johnson 18.00- Wine Reception at the Ashmolean

19.30- Dinner at the Ashmolean Restaurant


9.30-9.45- Registration

9.45-Keynote 3: Stephen Bann Chair: Julia Langbein

10.30.-12.00 Session 4: History, Images and Criticism Chair: Ludmilla Jordanova Donata Levi, ‘Rediscovering Crowe’ Jenny Graham, ‘Afterlives: Rewriting Giorgio Vasari in the Nineteenth Century’ Jon Whiteley, ‘Francis Haskell and Nineteenth-Century French Art’ 1

2.30-13.30 Lunch

13.00-14.30 Session 5: Exhibitions and Ephemeral Museums Chair: Linda Whiteley Jeremy Warren, ‘A Nineteenth-Century Phenomenon: The Birth of the New Kunstkammer’ Cécilia Hurley Griener, ‘Juggling with Masterpieces in the Long Nineteenth Century’ Bénédicte Savoy, ‘Estimer l’inestimable. Histoire du goût et statistique au musée Napoléon’ (communication en français)

14.30-15.00 Coffee

15.00-16.30- Session 6: Collecting Dynasties Chair: Adriana Turpin Charles Sebag-Montefiore, ‘The Barings: A Dynasty of Art Collectors’ Dora Thornton, ‘Reinterpreting a Rothschild Schatzkammer at the British Museum: the Waddesdon Bequest’ Tom Stammers & Silvia Davoli, ‘Orléans and Bonaparte in Exile: Collecting at the End of the Age of Revolutions’

16.30- Keynote 4: Pascal Griener Chair: Matthew Walker

17.15-17.30- Closing discussion (with Larissa Haskell)


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