Colloque : European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art: « Thinking in the Box: The Benefits of Artistic Tradition in the Nineteenth Century » (26-27-28 Mai 2021, en ligne)

Colloque : European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art: « Thinking in the Box: The Benefits of Artistic Tradition in the Nineteenth Century » (26-27-28 Mai 2021, en ligne)

Organised by the European Society for Nineteenth-Century Art (ESNA), 26-27-28 May 2021, online only (zoom)

Keynotes: Liz Prettejohn (University of York) and Cordula Grewe (Indiana University)


Online registration is now open. Please register before 20 May 2021.

Regular: € 10

Students: free but compulsory registration in advance

Regular tickets are available via the RKD webshop:

Student registration: please email to and attach a scan of your student card

 Program (all times Amsterdam time):

Day 1  Wednesday 26 May 2021

14:00   Welcome – Chris Stolwijk (RKD-Netherlandish Institute for Art History)

14:15   Introduction – Jan Dirk Baetens (Radboud University Nijmegen)

14:30   Keynote lecture: Elizabeth Prettejohn (University of York): « Thronging it like echoes »: Rossetti, Leonardo, and the Western Tradition

15:15   Break

15:30   Session 1: Old Masters, Modern Painters (chairs: Mayken Jonkman and Jan Dirk Baetens)

Eveline Deneer (University of Utrecht)): Dutch and Flemish 17th-Century Genre Painting as Models in the Formulation of New “Private” Historical Imagery in Early Nineteenth-Century European Painting

Sara Vitacca (Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne): The Forgotten Followers of Michelangelo: The Revival of the Artist in Nineteenth Century Anti-Modern Art

16:30   End day 1

Day 2  Thursday 27 May 2021

14:00   Session 2: Art Historical Narratives and the Formation of the Canon (chairs: Rachel Esner and Maite van Dijk)

Tamar Mayer (Tel-Aviv University): Rethinking Tradition: Drawing as a Preparatory Tool, from David to Delacroix

Jenny Reynaerts (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam): Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Use of Tradition in Budding Dutch Criticism 1800-1850

Daniel Ralston (Columbia University): Cardsharp: An American’s Album of Cartes de Visite and the Rise of Spanish Painting

15:15   Break

15:30   Session 3: Spirituality and Morality (chairs: Jenny Reynaerts and Myrthe Krom)

Michal Mencfel (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań): On the Verge of a Catastrophe: The Crisis of European Civilisation and the Great Artistic Tradition: Athanasius Raczyński’s (1788-1874) Dream about the Ethical Power of Paintings

Laura Fanti (Université Libre de Bruxelles): Belgian Symbolism and the Italian Trecento and Quattrocento: The Use of the Category of Primitives

Marieke Maathuis (independent): Ary Scheffer and the Dutch Réveil: The Success of Tradition in Renewing Religious Art

16:30   Break

16:45   Keynote lecture: Cordula Grewe (Indiana University): Modernism’s Peripheries

17:30   End day 2

Day 3 Friday 28 May 2021

14:00   Session 4: (Un)traditional Educations (chairs: Jan Dirk Baetens and Mayken Jonkman)

Rasmus Kjærboe (National Gallery of Denmark): Queering Tradition from Within: The Curious Case of Kristian Zahrtmann, Tutor to Two Hundred Modernists

Elisabetta Maistri (Durham University): The Pensionados of San Fernando, Inside the Lines of San Luca (1833-1868)

15:00   Break

15:15   Session 5: Why Sculpture is not Boring (chairs: Marjan Sterckx and Rachel Esner)

Federica Vermot (Université de Lausanne): For a New Language: Neo-Florentine Sculpture in Late Nineteenth-Century France

Rachel Coombes (St. John’s College, University of Oxford ): “Towards a New Classical Order”: Aristide Maillol, Maurice Denis and Greco-Latin Cultural ‘Nostalgia’ in France

Dick van Broekhuizen (Museum Beelden aan Zee): Emanuel Fremiet: Terribly Repulsive but Wonderfully Vigorous

16:30   Concluding remarks (Mayken Jonkman, RKD)

16:45   End day 3

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