Conférence de Jennifer A. Greenhill : Flip, Linger, Glide : The Movements of Magazine Pictures and Their Publics, c. 1915

Conférence organisée dans le cadre du programme de la Terra Foundation for American Art :

Par Jennifer A. Greenhill
Associate Professor of Art History, The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

This paper seeks to get around the reductive taste concepts that have ghettoized periodical illustration in art historical scholarship by focusing on the physical experience of engaging with it. Although some scholars have worked to legitimate illustration by treating it as fine art, this approach leaves to one side its intimate engagement with the viewer’s body as she flips through the pages of a journal, perhaps placing it on her lap or close to her face to scrutinize the details of an advertisement, say, or an image embedded in a story. What might we learn by attending to the experience of periodical illustration ? What sorts of engagement do these images, and the magazines that house them, invite and expect ? And how might illustrators explore the experiential dimensions of their art ? I investigate these questions by focusing on the work of the American illustrator Coles Phillips (1880-1927), drawing on recent theory on the experiential dimensions of reading, the art of mental picturing, and the haptic aspects of visual material.

Mardi 13 mai 2014
Galerie Colbert
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