Master Drawings Journal, 3rd Annual Ricciardi Prize

Master Drawings Journal, 3rd Annual Ricciardi Prize

225 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
Deadline: Nov 15, 2020

3rd Annual Ricciardi Prize

Enter your research on drawings topic for a chance to win the $5,000 3rd Annual Ricciardi Prize. You must be under the age of 40 and your research needs to be submitted in article form by November 15, 2020. The winning submission will be published in the journal next year.

The average length is between 2,500 and 3,750 words, with five to twenty illustrations. Submissions should be no longer than 10,000 words and have no more than 100 footnotes.

Please note that all submissions must be in article form, following the format of the journal. We will not consider submissions of seminar papers, dissertation chapters, or other written material that has not been adapted into the format of a journal article. Written material that has been previously published, or is scheduled for future publication, will not be eligible. Articles may be submitted in any language.

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