Symposium : « La Collection Courtauld : le parti de l’impressionnisme » (Paris, 21 mars 2019)

A l’occasion de l’exposition La Collection Courtauld. Le parti de l’impressionnisme, du 20 février au 17 juin 2019, la Fondation Vuitton organise quatre tables rondes réunissant historiens de l’art, conservateurs, critiques, experts et collectionneurs internationaux autour de l’histoire de la Collection et de l’Institut Courtauld.

La première table ronde replacera l’action de Samuel Courtauld dans le contexte des collections et de la philanthropie au début du XXe siècle. Samuel Courtauld a rassemblé une des plus importantes collections de peintures impressionnistes et post-impressionnistes françaises, pour sa propre délectation, mais aussi pour l’éducation d’un plus large public.

La deuxième évoquera les liens de l’impressionnisme . . . → En lire plus

Appel à communication: Revival: Utopia, Identity, Memory. (The Courtauld Art Institute, 20 juin 2012 et 23/24 novembre 2012)

Revival: Utopia, Identity, Memory.

The Courtauld Art Institute – Deadline : 16 avril 2012

Revivalism in art and architecture is a fundamental though often overlooked aspect of modernity. From the nineteenth century to the present, styles, ideologies, techniques and approaches have been revived and re-framed. Revival: Utopia, Identity, Memory seeks to investigate the diverse dimensions of revivalism, exploring its meanings and impacts across cultures, periods and media. The extent to which revivalism has been harnessed to promote utopian visions, assert aspects of personal or corporate identity, and grant fresh purchase on memorialization and nostalgia are all productive trajectories for investigation. Studies of art and architectural revivals tend to focus on biographical or stylistic approaches. This project, consisting of a workshop . . . → En lire plus

Appel à communication: Performing Art History II (Londres, 18 Mai 2012)

Performing Art History II: Conveying Research, Communicating

A conference organised by the Performing Art History Special Interest Group. To be held on Friday 18 May 2012

Location: Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2

Dead-Line: 12 mars 2012

Abstract: Building on a further year of workshops and seminars, the Performing Art History Group present a second conference that seeks to explore the clarity, diversity, and freedom that can come from presenting art historical research directly to an audience, as opposed to through traditional publishing routes in books or journals.

This year the conference will have an additional focus . . . → En lire plus