Appel à communication : « The Economy of Dress and Textiles » (Bologne, 15 septembre 2016)

femmedequaliteensemble-2The Economy of Dress and Textiles (Bologna, 15 Sep 16) University of Bologna, Dipartimento di Storia Culture e Civiltà, San Giovanni in Monte, Bologna, Italy, September 15, 2016 The Economy of Dress and Textiles: Avenues of Trade, Production and Consumption in the Early Modern Period The cloth and textile market is of central importance to the late medieval and early modern economy. Trade routes, centres of production and patterns of consumption were determining factors that stimulated the influx of luxury cloth and textiles into established fashion and textile markets, while second-hand garments developed their own trajectory. Being sold at auctions and dealer shops, they sometimes enjoyed a second life and were often refashioned. The entire cost related to the fashioning of . . . → En lire plus