Appel à publication : « On the meaning of ‘Europe’ in Architectural History », Architectural Histories (2017)

architectural-histories ON THE MEANING OF ‘EUROPE’ IN ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY Special Collection of Architectural Histories, the open access journal of the EAHN.

On the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the EAHN, we invite scholars to join us in rethinking one of our founding questions, namely, how to interpret the inextricable ties between knowledge and geopolitics, an issue that arose from the naming of our network. How can we unpack the significance of “Europe” for our scholarly domain today? Specifically, we are interested in the shifting locus of the power to shape intellectual discourse. Within architectural history we have witnessed Europe cede its position . . . → En lire plus

Appel à publication : « From Comparative to Global History: Assessing Relational Approaches to the Past (1400-1900) », revue Cromohs, n° 21, 2016 (avril 2017)

CromohsIn 1928, Marc Bloch made what proved to be an influential statement when he said that the practice of comparing societies distant in space and time, described rather disparagingly as “comparative method in the grand manner”, may serve some ends but is too imprecise to be of any great use “from the scientific point of view”. Decades later William H. Sewell, Jr. objected that “mere temporal and spatial proximity does not assure similarity, and some societies which are very remote from one another are surely more alike, at least in ways that are crucial for some explanatory problems, than some neighboring societies”.

Themes such as “global history,” “Transfergeschichte”, “circulation,” and “connection” all . . . → En lire plus