Appel à communication : « The Avant-garde and its Networks: Surrealism in Paris, North Africa and the Middle East from the 1930s  » (Beyrouth, 14-15 novembre 2016)

BeyrouthSurrealism – along with Futurism – can be considered as one of the few avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century that was established in Cairo. In 1939, Georges Henein, Kamel el-Telmessany, Ramses Younan and Anwar and Fouad Kamel founded the Art and Freedom group (Jamaat al fann wal-hurriya), which continued until the late 1940s. The group was probably the only official one in the region with a direct link to André Breton. Surrealist ideas also spread to other places in the region: In Beirut in the early 1930s for example, a group of writers, artists and intellectuals, including Georges Schéhadé, Georges Cyr, Antoine Tabet, Gabriel . . . → En lire plus