VISTAS: une fondation pour aider la publication d’ouvrages sur la sculpture de la fin du Moyen Age et de l’époque moderne

VISTAS is an acronym for Virtual Images of Sculpture in Time And Space. VISTAS will subsidize the publication of new scholarship on European sculpture of the late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, 1250-1780.

VISTAS will combine old and new. We will marry the most innovative technology to the highest standard of traditional book publishing — all in support of sound, new scholarship. We will produce dual publications, one part in print, the other online. Each will supplement the other, not copy it.

Our target audience is the intelligent lay reader in addition to curators, art historians and students. One of our goals is to provide an enjoyable experience for the reader.

Each book will be paired with an online publication with remarkable digital graphic material. The text will be enhanced by very high-resolution photography and — most exceptionally — 360º photography.

Our Editorial Board will approve books for publication by VISTAS. The books in print will be scholarly, well written and well produced. VISTAS’ books will be readable. VISTAS will emphasize serious original scholarship about visually significant works of art, rather than documents or theoretical analyses. The website will provide a more vivid experience of the sculpture than we have ever had. (page d’accueil du site)

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