Appel à communication : « International Research Colloquium for Renaissance art and cultural history » (Leipzig, 23-24 juin 2016)

Rosso Fiorentino, L’éléphant fleurdelisé, fresque, 1534-1536, Fontainebleau, ChateauOn the 23rd and 24th of June 2016 the International Research Colloquium for Renaissance art and cultural history will be re-established in Leipzig. As a result of the collaboration with the Institute of Art History in Würzburg the location of the conference will alternate in the future between the two venues. With the revival of the Renaissance Colloquium, initiated in 2002 in Leipzig, there will be no restriction on the geographical location of topics. The conference will engage with a wide spectrum of current art historical scholarship whilst providing an academic platform for young scholars to discuss innovative approaches to Renaissance Art. We therefore expressly welcome interdisciplinary topics and contributions from related areas of studies.

The colloquium seeks to reflect on interdisciplinary methods and fields of art history, such as Visual Studies, Material Culture Studies and Digital Art History and strives also to discuss their relevance for the discipline of art history. As a consequence the 2016 venue will focus upon the way these methods are applied and facilitate new perspectives in the field of Renaissance art research.

Contributions discussing collection related issues are welcome. Papers exploring the spatial context of art and culturally relevant objects and also the relationship between art and parergon are particularly encouraged.

To allow time for discussion the lectures should not exceed twenty minutes.
Please send your proposals (in English, German, French or Italian; 300 words maximum) along with a brief CV including professional affiliation and contact information to the following e-mail addresses by January 6, 2016.

PD Dr. Michael Lingohr (Institute of Art History, Leipzig)
Dr. Daniela Roberts (Institute of Art History, Würzburg)


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