Appel à communication pour le CAA : « The Art of Travel: People and Things in Motion in the Early Modern Mediterranean »

Vue_d'un_port_avec_le_Capitole_by_Gelée_Louvre_INV4712_n01Early Modern Mediterranean (CAA, New York ,11-14 Feb 15)

New York, February 11 – 14, 2015
Deadline: May 9, 2014

College Art Association, 103rd Annual Conference

Panel “The Art of Travel: People and Things in Motion in the Early
Modern Mediterranean”

For centuries artists, diplomats (ambassadors, consuls, and interpreters), and merchants served as cultural intermediaries in the
Stationed in port cities and other entrepôts of the Mediterranean, these go-betweens forged intercultural connections even as they
negotiated and sometimes promoted cultural misunderstandings.They also moved objects of all kinds across time and space.Focusing on the early modern period from roughly 1600 to 1850, this session will consider how the mobility of art is intertwined with diplomatic and trade networks in the international arena of the Mediterranean.With theorist Arjun Appadurai, we consider “ways in which people find value in things and things give value to social relations,” investigating analogies and relationships between the work performed by artists, diplomats and
merchants. How does the work of art participate in, foster, or resemble diplomatic negotiation or commercial exchange?  Papers investigating
any aspect of visual and material culture are welcome.

Elisabeth Fraser, University of South Florida,

The deadline for proposals of papers and presentations for the New York
conference is Friday, May 9, 2014.

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