Colloque : « Entreprises et & Entrepreneurs in Baroque Times » (Séville, 10-12 nov 2014)


Enterprises & Entrepreneurs in Baroque Times (Seville,  10-12 Nov 14)
Sevilla, Fundación Focus-Abengoa Hospital de los Venerables Plaza de  los Venerables, 8 41004 Sevilla.
España, November 10 – 12, 2014  Baroque School, Focus-Abengoa Foundation
Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in the Baroque Times
The Focus Abengoa Foundation Baroque School, November OMNQ, offers an  innovative vision on the role of entrepreneurs and enterprises in the  “first globalization” of the markets according to the latest  historiography and economic literature. It will also introduce the role  and the relation of these economic agents with the art market under  European capitalism principles in the XVII and XVIII centuries. The Baroque School aims at assessing, from a broad and complete  perspective, the interrelationship established between entrepreneurial  innovation and the artistic creation through investments of commercial  benefits and patronage in Spain and Europe during Baroque Times. The  new spirit of capitalism will be analysed from the novel economic  paradigms about wealth,money and entrepreneurial ethics under  renovators Baroque Jesuit and Calvinist principles. The new art demand from these new economic agents–enterprises and  entrepreneurs-, laid the foundations of a new and secular way of  proceeding in the field of patronage, collecting and heritage. A new scenario defined by vendors, merchants, bankers compared to the  traditional operations in the market leaded by the court,nobility, ecclesiastic institutions or clerks. The influence from this new  situation will be analysed in the end. The new role of enterprises and entrepreneurs will be focused on  aspects related to the innovation in commercial and financial  techniques, the economic modernization, the functions of  entrepreneurial leadership, the transformations in public and private  institutions, the progressive implementation of good management  practices, as well as the opening to ethical civil values in business. The economic activity was transformed by some entrepreneurs through  direct implications related toheritage value and the artistic  historical, social, religious and cultural patronage.

Monday, 10th November

19:15h. Presentation

20:00 h. Inaugural Conference: Capitalism and Baroque: money and economic agents in the art market Antonio-Miguel Bernal Rodríguez, University of Seville. National Prize in History

Tuesday, 11th November

10:00 h. Globalization, commercial internationalism and heritage Antonio Manuel Macías Hernández, La Laguna University

10:45 h. The Emergence of the Baroque Corporation and the  Counter-Factual Pre-Modern World Outside Europe Christopher McKenna, Said Business School, Oxford University

11:30 h. Break

12:00 h. Enterprise and material culture in the age of the Baroque:  trade, samples and marketing ‘ante litteram’ Amedeo Lepore, Napoles University

13:00 h. Visit to the General Archive of the Indies Manuel Ravina, Director

17:00 h. Rome, Batavia, Spain, and the VOC: an expression of mercantile  pride and independence in Dutch Baroque Art Alexander Evers, Loyola University Chicago, John Felice Rome Center, Roma

17:45 h. Entrepreneurs and merchants in Baroque times:The Jesuits and  the educative mission Scott Hendrickson, S.J., Loyola University Chicago

18:30 h. Round Table 19:30 h. Organ concert leaded by José Enrique Ayarra Jarne, Focus-Abengoa Foundation organist at Hospital de los Venerables Church

Wednesday, 12th November

10:00 h. Family as enterprise: heritage and commercial strategies Isabel Lobato, University of Seville

10:45 h. “Art Market” in the Spanish Baroque Age: intermediaries,  merchants, bankers and entrepreneurs Mª Jesús Muñoz González, Complutense University

11:30 h. Break

12:00 h. Visit to the permanent art collection at Velázquez Centre 12:45 h. Osuna, ducal city: heritage and university patronage Antonio Bonet Correa, Director of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando

13:30 h. Diploma Awards Sessions Closing session

15:30 h. Visit to the Collegiate Church in Osuna  Director: Antonio-Miguel Bernal Rodríguez, University of Seville. National Prize in History Coordinator: Rocío García-Carranza, Focus-Abengoa Foundation

Free Entrance Access to the whole course or to individual conferences is open. The  sessions will be held in the Church of the Hospital de los Venerables,  which hosts Focus-Abengoa Foundation. The main entrance is located in  Los Venerables Square. Registration, diploma and credits recognition By registering at Focus-Abengoa official website,attendants will be  awarded a certified diploma and will be able to gain credits. Universidad Loyola Andalucía, Pablo de  Olavide University and University of Seville will officially award ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer  System).  Scholarships Scholarships will be granted to obtain diplomas (limited). More information available on our Website.



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