Appel à communication : « New Research on Local Renaissance » — Sessions de la RSA (Chicago, 30 mars-1er avril 2017)

Domenico Beccafumi, Les Lupercales, 1519, Florence, Coll MartelliThe aim of these two panels is to gather papers investigating the notion of antiquity and the development of antiquarian culture as detected in the artistic patronage of different European polities during the early modern period. The papers will analyse crucial ideas such as the overlapping of local and general past and the mediation of styles in Art and Architecture.

Furthermore, they will address the questions on how urban and regional identities were seeking the notion of local antique vis-à-vis and how antiquarian evidence were functional in providing conceptual frames for the construction of civic and individual identities.

The first of the two panels will present the outcomes of the research conducted by Andrea Mattiello – University of Birmingham, Ida Mauro – University of Barcelona, Carlos Plaza – University of Seville and Federica Rossi – Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence. The research group during Winter 2016 investigated the reception of the classical past in selected areas and regions of Europe, with the support of ERC/HistAntArtSI project of the University “Federico II” of Naples and the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence.

The second panel will invite proposals exploring the concepts of early modern European antiquarianism in the form of archaeological excavations, works of art, architecture, antiquarian literature, and history.

The first panel will be chaired by Director Alessandro Nova – Kunsthistorisches Institut Florence.
The second panel will be chaired by Prof Bianca de Divitiis – University “Federico II” Naples.

Please send proposals, including a 150-word abstract with your paper title, keywords, and a short CV (300 words) by May 31, 2016 to Dr Andrea Mattiello –, Dr Ida Mauro –, Dr Carlos Plaza – and Dr Federica Rossi –

Contact Info:
For further information please contact Dr Andrea Mattiello –, Dr Ida Mauro –, Dr Carlos Plaza – and Dr Federica Rossi –

63rd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Chicago, 30 March-1 April 2017

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