Colloque : « Rethinking the Dialogue Between the Visual and the textual. Methodological Approaches to the Relationships Between religious Art and Literature (1400-1700) » (Leiden University, 20-22 juin 2013)

In recent decades, the interactions between religious art(s) and literature(s) in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period have been an important area of study for many scholars. More particularly, the study of the interconnectedness of texts and images and of the contact zones between visual arts and literature constitutes an emerging field that is particularly stimulating for both art historians and historians of literature. These scholarly interests generate a range of general methodological and theoretical questions: how can a text be used to understand an image ? How can an image help to discern the meaning of a text? How do we interpret texts and images together in order to understand the religious culture of these periods? . . . → En lire plus