Early Modern Architecture Call for PhD Dissertations and Research Projects in Progress

Early Modern Architecture (http://earlymodernarchitecture.com) is a new initiative that explores global, interdisciplinary frameworks for the architecture (design, theory, and practice) of Europe and its colonies, 1400-1800. We are particularly interested in fostering discussion about innovative issues, areas of inquiry, and approaches across both research and education. A major component of this initiative, therefore, will be encouraging a rigorous network of exchange among scholars and professionals.

As a step toward this exchange, we are now compiling two international lists: one of research projects in progress and one of Ph.D. dissertations — both from any discipline and on any aspect ofthis field. We will post these lists on our website once we have gathered a substantial number of entries. The lists, we hope, will become an ongoing means for scholars to . . . → En lire plus