Appel à candidature : « 4th Duchamp Research Scholarship » (Staatliches Museum Schwerin, 2015-2016)

EXP-DUCHAMPPEINTURE_full4th Duchamp Research Scholarship by the Friends of the Staatliches Museum Schwerin e.V The Staatliches Museum Schwerin/Ludwigslust/Güstrow has amongst its holdings one of the most important collections of works by the artist Marcel Duchamp (1887-1966) in Europe. This complex is comprised of 90 works. In connection with these holdings, the Duchamp Research Center was founded in 2009 with the goal of integrating the Schwerin Duchamp collection into international networks while encouraging and realizing interdisciplinary research projects. In particular, the center wishes to attract young researchers from individual disciplines such as art history, cultural research, philosophy, literary research, musicology, and film and media research and encourage them to engage themselves with Marcel Duchamp`s work, and with his social and artistic context. They should be inspired to investigate his complex ideas in an independent research project. The association Friends of the Staatliches Museum Schwerin e.V. is announcing the Duchamp Research Scholarship for a fourth time. This scholarship offers the possibility to carry out a self-determined research project devoted to the thematic complex Marcel Duchamp and should include a connection with works in the Collection Marcel Duchamp Schwerin. The scholarship should be seen as a partial funding that can be offered in addition to financial aid already in place or as funding to support the candidate in the course of his or her doctoral, or post-doctoral project.


Scholarship amount to be paid each month:    500 Euros

Length of scholarship:     One year (from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016)

Travel support can be offered upon request. The scholarship does not include health insurance protection or any other insurance during the length of the stay. Assistance with rental expenses or family support cannot be offered. Upon awarding of the scholarship it is expected that the scholarship holder introduces his or her research project in public and presents it after the first six months internally to the association Friends of the Staatliches Museum e.V. The scholarship holder presents the results of his or her research to the public within the context of the lecture series Rendezvous in the Schwerin Museum and as an article in the Duchamp-Research Center series of publication. There is no residency requirement. For all future publications made possible on the basis of work carried out during the research stay, a written acknowledgement of appreciation for the support of the Friends of the Staatliches Museum Schwerin is required.

CANDIDATES FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP: Applications are accepted from Masters/Magister title holders, doctoral students, or post-doctoral scholars from the disciplines art history, cultural studies, philosophy, literature, and musicology as well as from areas, related to these subjects. Competence in both written and spoken English and French is advantageous. It is required for the application that the research project be conducted under the supervision of a qualified scholar from a university, college, or research institute. It is desirable that the scholarship project be started on September 1, 2015.


•   Brief project proposal (3 to 5 pages)

•   Curriculum vitae

•   A one-page recommendation from the supervising scholar

•   A copy of diplomas and formal evaluations of course work Please address your application to Freunde des Staatlichen Museums Schwerin e.V. c/o Staatliches Museum Schwerin „Application Duchamp Scholarship“ Alter Garten 3 19055 Schwerin Germany or per e-mail (max. 5 mb) to

The deadline for applications is June 30, 2015.

Please send your documents in good time to ensure their timely arrival.

Please notify us, if receipt of your email application has not been acknowledged within one week.

CONTACT PARTNERS: Dr. Kornelia Röder: +49-385-5958-172, e-mail: Dr. Gerhard Graulich: +49-385-5958-142, e-mail: Christina May, M.A.: +49-385-5958-170, e-mail: Further information concerning the Duchamp Research Centre and the Collection Marcel Duchamp is to be found under: Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

The application papers will not be returned unless specifically requested. Due to postal costs, any request for the return of the application is to be accompanied by a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Costs incurred in the process of application cannot be refunded.


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